GTA 3 was the to start with entry in the 3D Universe of the series that revolutionized the gaming market in 2001. The sport has released many new features that have turn out to be a staple of the sequence ever due to the fact, including a 3rd-particular person viewpoint, preserving cars and trucks in the garages, and a lot more. Set in Liberty Town, it shares the story of Claude, the silent protagonist, through many memorable missions that established the tone for the rest of the franchise.

While Grand Theft Car 3 has attained lots of accolades for its revolutionary gameplay, there are lots of things that several gamers might not even know about it. With the modern release of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, it is the best time to dive down into historical past and discover about 5 unbelievable points about GTA 3.

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Removed people and 4 other lesser-regarded information about GTA 3 (2023)

5) Very first Individual Gameplay

When GTA 3 was unveiled, it became a around the globe phenomenon because of to its third-man or woman point of view in an open-globe setting. Quite a few gamers may well not know, but the developers in the beginning had programs to make it a first-person point of view video game. Though these plans did not move even further into output, players can still just take be aware of their leftovers.

There are two ways to access the 1st-individual mode of the activity in sure situations:

  1. Gamers can appear all over from a to start with-individual standpoint.
  2. Players can purpose a weapon in the first-person view.

4) Miami-based mostly immediate sequel


In GTA 3, gamers can locate quite a few billboards asserting “Visit Miami” throughout Liberty City. This might be unknown to a lot of in the group, but the developers planned a immediate sequel to the sport set in Miami with Ray Machowski as a returning character.

That hardly ever transpired, and GTA Vice Town was launched afterward. The latter was set in the fictional Vice Metropolis, based mostly in Miami. Even though Vice Metropolis was set in the 1980s, it showed numerous improvements around Grand Theft Vehicle 3.

3) Toxic drinking water

GTA 3 gamers can’t swim in the h2o, and not always for the reason that Claude can’t swim. According to the game’s lore, the Liberty Metropolis h2o is polluted and poisonous due to an oil spill in the harbor, ensuing in a thick dangerous layer about it. If players submerge themselves in drinking water, their wellbeing decreases speedily right until the character dies.

This is a neat and clever clarification of the normally confined character of the video game. Grand Theft Automobile: San Andreas was the initial title in the collection to entirely make it possible for swimming, which players can now take pleasure in in the Definitive Version.

2) Larger map size

GTA 3 has 3 various districts linked by three islands in the game – Staunton Island, Portland, and Shoreside Vale. This presents a huge open planet to take a look at and submerge in. All 3 islands have a large amount of streets and spots, offering the impact of a actually significant plenty of space for the game at the time.

On the other hand, early designs of the Liberty City map advise that the unique map was meant to be considerably much more considerable. It could have more streets and regions to examine than the unveiled variation. Even the popular Callahan Bridge was not a element of early sketches of the city. While the ultimate variation of the map is outstanding in its possess proper, it would be good to see a even bigger Liberty Metropolis back in 2001.

1) Removed characters

GTA 3 launched numerous memorable and exclusive characters, together with the silent protagonist, Claude. Nevertheless, several players may well not have known that the video game would include two extra figures – Butler and Darkel.

Even though the developers in no way certainly defined the Butler character, it is assumed that he would be the butler for Salvatore Leon in the game. Nonetheless, Rockstar defined that Darkel was eliminated as his character was basically a bit odd, and his missions had been not as very good as the rest of the remaining match.

The developers at first prepared to go all out with Grand Theft Automobile 3 however, they had to scale again their ambitions listed here and there. Nonetheless, the close product is nevertheless a wonderful practical experience for many gamers that can now be loved in the Definitive Version across the important platforms.

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