Grand Theft Auto is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular video game franchises. Rockstar Games, the studio behind it, changed video gaming forever when they released Grand Theft Auto III. The game is a sandbox one, which is based on organized crime, corrupt police, and the underworld.

If it’s a franchise you have heard of but are not familiar with, then there’s a lot that you need to learn. The Grand Theft Auto world is deep and highly immersive.

This post will cover it in great detail, explaining six interesting facts that you probably didn’t already know.

Different Servers

Grand Theft Auto is usually viewed as a single-player franchise. However, it is also possible to play the two most recent games online. It’s very common for people to hack these games because they can be very challenging to play, plus it is extremely fun hacking. When players hack, though, they are usually banned quite quickly. Fortunately, it’s possible to download a VPN for GTA online, which can be used to mask and conceal one’s IP address. Then, players can continue playing with a new account, without having to worry about being identified and caught. If you do intend on hacking, then make sure that you’ve got a VPN activated at all times, and that you do not use your main account. Using your main account to hack is silly because it’ll just result in it getting banned.

Easter Eggs

Grand Theft Auto games tend to have a lot of easter eggs and hidden features. Each game has its own unique easter eggs. In some games, the same easter eggs can be found. At this point, all of the GTA world’s easter eggs have been identified. That said, however, there is some speculation that there are still some undiscovered easter eggs in the franchise’s latest release, pertaining to aliens. Hunting down easter eggs can be a lot of fun. If you have never played GTA games before, then once you get started, easter egg hunting is definitely something that’s worth considering.

Online Role-playing

Earlier reference was made to the fact that only the two most recent releases have online capabilities, but this is only in an official capacity. Most of the Grand Theft Auto games have illegal online servers, as in ones that have been modified and coded by independents with no connections to Rockstar Games. Online role-playing is very popular on these servers. The largest community of role-players can be found on SA: MP. SA: MP is an online mod that works for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It has thousands of players but is not as popular today as it was many years ago.

Immersive Stories

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is famous for its highly immersive storylines. Each game’s story is like a movie or a novel. If you are somebody who enjoys playing games that are very easy to lose oneself in, then you will love Grand Theft Auto. It should be noted, though, the earlier games have been storylines. The story of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for example, is much better than the story of Grand Theft Auto: V. That said, the later games still have good stories that are easy to get into and very fun.

Game Exploration

All of the Grand Theft Auto games have huge worlds, which can be a lot of fun to explore. You are bound to find new things more or less every time you play the game, at least for a while. While exploring, you can also look for easter eggs. Something else to note is that in the game, there are lots of side missions that you can do once you’ve completed the main storyline. The GTA side missions are famous for being very immersive, and just as good as the main missions.

Random Encounters

In the two most recent Grand Theft Auto games, it’s possible to have ‘random encounters.’ A random encounter is an encounter with an NPC. These NPCs provide players with their own string of missions. Random encounters put you in contact with drug dealers, police officers, and in GTA IV, a serial killer. Random encounters are best enjoyed randomly, as in by playing the game, exploring the map, and encountering the NPCs by chance. However, you can also find all of the locations of random encounter NPCs online, so if you do want to find one specific NPC, turn to the internet.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is very popular with gamers of all ages. If you are somebody who’s into gaming but has not yet played any of the GTA games, then now’s the time to. A new one is due to be released in the next few years, so familiarizing yourself with the games now will help you to be prepared for that.

By Tara