Car theft often occurs even though imprisonment is imposed on each of the perpetrators. Not infrequently, various attempts are made by the perpetrators of theft to trick car owners. Increasingly, more and more modes are used to commit these crimes. The rise of theft cases certainly makes you worry. Car owners are required to remain vigilant so that this cannot happen.

Although currently some of the newest cars are equipped with sophisticated security facilities, this still does not make car owners feel comfortable. To provide a sense of security to car owners, currently many car safety devices that can be used have been developed, one of which is high-security vehicle keys to secure your car from the hands of thieves.

Here are some recommended car safety devices:

1. Steering Key

A steering lock is one of the best types of car guards. The steering wheel lock functions as a lock for the movement of your car’s steering wheel. The steering wheel lock will be attached to the steering wheel of the car by connecting the steering wheel with one of the components of the brake, clutch, or even so that the car cannot move. Many models of steering locks are currently on the market. Some grip the steering wheel, some are propped up on the dashboard, and some are associated with the gas or clutch.

In addition to the steering wheel lock, the gear lever lock can also be included in the type of car safety. This tool is installed around the gear lever so that the lever cannot be moved.

2. Wheel Lock

The wheel lock is also known as a spanner. This tool is a car safety device that is made of steel and has a fairly hard texture and is plated with chromium or nickel. There are various types of keys or spanners, namely:

  • Keyring
  • Wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • L key
  • Stopcock
  • Star lock
  • Tracker
  • Wheel lock
  • And many others

A wheel lock is a car safety device that can be your choice to secure your car. The key is usually attached to the wheel of your car. This tool has a function to open the bolts and put the wheel cover back on. The way these wheel lock works is to link the car wheels so that the car cannot move so that it can minimize theft of the car.

3. Alarm

One of the advantages of an alarm is that it will sound like a warning sign if there is a disturbance in the car. Many signs are usually given by alarms, such as when you are parking your car. There is a kind of signal from the turn signal or a small light that will give a GSM signal when using the telephone if the GSM model alarm is used.

You can make an alarm as an additional safety device because of its function that can convey danger signals directly so that you as the vehicle owner can anticipate various things that will happen. It’s also a good idea to connect the alarm to the speakers in the car so that if the horn wire is disconnected, the alarm can still sound.

4. Immobilizer

Furthermore, there is a car safety device that works with a safety system that is placed on the car. Some of the latest cars have equipped their car products with this feature. The way this safety device works is by matching the code on the lock with the code on the car device. If the code entered is not the same, the car cannot be started.

You can make this safety device a choice as a safety device for your car. But what you need to pay attention to is to make sure beforehand that your car is equipped with an electronic control system.

5. GPS tracker

The global positioning system (GPS) is a safety device that you can apply to your car using the GPS and GSM or GPR satellite systems. The way this safety device works is by sending data in the form of coordinates where the position of your car is. Even though car thieves can still get in and take your car away, the GPS in the car will continue to transmit signals to the satellites so that the position of your car can be found easily. In addition, there are several advantages that you can get from using GPS as a safety device, namely:

• Make it easy for you to schedule your vehicle’s operating time

• You can more easily monitor and track the position of your car (real-time)

• prevent misuse of vehicles

• can increase the safety of the vehicle from the hands of thieves

• and many others

The workings of the GPS safety device are as follows:

• The GPS device is activated on the GSM Simcard and then connected to a web tracking server. After that, install the GPS in the area of ​​your car

• After the GPS device is active then you can connect it directly to the tracking web server

• To operate the GPS tracker, you can use a cellphone, tablet, or laptop that has been connected with a web tracking application. After that enter the user name and password that you are using.

• Once connected, you will see on the gadget screen the position of your vehicle that has been installed with a GPS tracker

6. Chip contact

The Contact Chip is a security device that already uses very sophisticated technology. This safety device uses a sensor system as a way of working. The sensor chip installed in the car can only be read on the car’s ignition. You can install this sensor chip on the hood of your car so that when the hood of your car is open, the alarm on your car will sound immediately.

There are several types of sensors that are commonly used as safety devices, including image sensors and vibration sensors. In general, many people use shadow sensors instead of vibration sensors because this type of sensor can trigger your car alarm to sound even if only with a subtle vibration. So that it can provide an alert (sound of an alarm) that is faster when there is a disturbance in your car.

7. Slings

Currently, many chains are sold with the poor quality so if you use them it will be very easy for car thieves to break the chain. You can use a sling instead of your car chain. Sling or commonly called steel wire is a tool that can be used as a car safety device made of steel wire so that it will be very difficult to break. Even more so when this safety device is combined with a hardened padlock which is large and has a short hook. So that this will make it difficult for car thieves if they want to break it using padlock scissors.

Padlocks that can be used are usually used on boxcars. Also, to increase the level of car security, you can replace your car glass with a type of shatterproof car glass to minimize the possibility of car theft.

By Tara