8 Selebriti yang Mengalami Kecelakaan Mobil Luar Biasa

No one wants to have an automobile accidents. But accidents cannot be unexpected. We will not know when there is a drunk or sleepy driver who will hit our car. Therefore, presumably the wisdom of our elders is a handle, “provide an umbrella before it rains”. Life or health insurance has been recognized as a necessity, should the awareness to insure cars also be a necessity. We may look at the story of some celebrities who were in a car accident.

1. AQJ Accident

kecelakaan mobil

Not yet out of memory, the hot news is the accident of the youngest son of Ahmad Dhani. Last September 8, 2013, the car which was boarded by AQJ (also called Dul), had an accident at Jagorawi Toll Road. In addition to taking lives, and making AQJ seriously injured, the car that was boarded by AQJ was damaged. According to AQJ’s statement when being examined, an accident occurred because AQJ had been exhausted from driving since late afternoon. Until now, there have been seven deaths.

2. Rowan Atkinson

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This international comedian lost control while driving the McLaren F1. The expensive car crashed into a tree, then hit a street light, then caught fire. Lucky Rowan can survive. This accident made Rowan Atkinson not want to buy products from Porsche anymore. In August 2011, Mr. This Bean managed to withdraw his car insurance amounting to $ 881.118,75.

3. Nike Ardila

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Still fresh in memory, the accident that happened to Nike Ardila. Although this happened in 1995, but the name Nike Ardila is still widely discussed. The Honda Civic he was hitching hit a one meter high wall. The singer died instantly, and in memory of the deceased, the Nike Ardila museum was established in Bandung, West Java. And to this day no legal attorney has resolved the case.

4. George Michael

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The 50-year-old singer had been hospitalized for two weeks due to a car accident. On May 16, 2013, the Range Rover she was in had an accident, strangely there were no other vehicles involved. In addition to his damaged car, George Michael suffered a wound on his back.

5. Paul Walker

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30 November the world of international cinema was shocked by the death of Paul Walker. The actor in the Fast and Furious movie suffered a car accident, and his life was not saved. The Porsche car he was riding in and his friend hit a pole and then caught fire. Paul Walker died at the age of 40 years. One of his co-stars in Fast and Furious, Tyrese Gibson and singer Ludacris created a song to commemorate their friend.

6. Charlie Sheen

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Somehow the Golden Globe winner felt when he saw the news of his car accident on television. Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes Benz was stolen automatically, unlucky when the car was mired in a ravine. Luckily these Two and A Half Men actors were not in the car when the accident occurred.

7. Dennis Rodman

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Can survive the accident as experienced by Dennis Rodman arguably a miracle. This former NBA star suffered a traffic accident which caused the Range Rover’s car to turn upside down. Dennis could have survived without a significant injury, while the car was badly damaged, and immediately taken to the dump.

Unexpected events such as accidents or losses require all motorized vehicle owners to guard against the effects. Learning from accidents that befell the public figures mentioned earlier, it shows that we must be careful in preparing ourselves and vehicles before driving. In addition, we must be careful when driving, and if an accident occurs, we are ready to minimize the adverse effects of the effects of accidents, namely by insuring our vehicles.

By Tara