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From ancient times until now, sports cars are the belle of the most beloved iron horse to be ridden. Inevitably, many have spent billions of dollars just for a dream car that dominates the race track. To be cool and sporty, a sedan can be transformed into a sports car that will attract a lot of attention. Of course, this is good news that you should not miss and it’s a pity if you don’t know how to modify it. Even though it is only a modified sports car, surely the people around you will glance at the cool car you are riding. Want to know how to beautify your car in the style of a sports car? Follow the following modification process.

Body Color

Instead of squeezing your brains and slamming for sports cars that are hard for you to reach, why not just create a modified sports car? After all, you will not be dealing with a very high luxury car tax and of course the price of a sky-high car. Actually, the sedan is also similar to a sports car. It’s just a touch of the color to make it look classy like a sports car. This is where you will be creative and required to display colors that you like or you think are eccentric. For maximum color applications, do not hesitate to use the airbrush feature so that the color does not seem too simple. Airbrush options are perfect for forming luxurious color characters.


After finishing expressing with color, the soul of a sports car will be more visible with alloy wheels. At this step, there will not be much difficulty in presenting alloy wheels in the style of a sports car. You don’t have to be as laborious as the painting you have done. What is more decisive at this stage is the selection of wheels measuring 17-18 “. By applying alloy wheels of that size and combined with a flat body, the process towards the appearance of a perfect modified sports car will appear more real. You too have now begun to see the difference from the previous one which was just an ordinary sedan. Of course, don’t forget to choose fender flares that match the size you are using. Do not let you provide a size that does not fit your wheels and wheels.


The first impression always comes from the outside, as well as a modified sports car. People won’t think your car is a sedan. In fact, you have managed to deceive their perception with an outward appearance that resembles a real sports car. For this exterior, how to fix it, namely with the help of application spoilers that you can install on the rear cap. For 2 important parts, namely front and rear, mounting a window deflectors is the best choice in increasing the level of malignancy. With all available combinations, be prepared to welcome the exterior appearance of a real sports car.


Even though the people around you have been fooled by the new appearance of the exterior of your car, don’t immediately ignore the interior. This is the final stage where your modified sports car is one step towards perfection. All you need to do here is the seat by utilizing the harmony between the colors of the seat according to the color of the car body. However, this is not required to be a color that contrasts with the body is not a problem. As a complement to the comfort of the interior, also add audio features and LCD screens on the dashboard.

By Tara