Accidents on highways are mostly due to lack of awareness of motorists in orderly traffic. In fact, the highway becomes one of the dangerous places because it causes the most deaths due to accidents.

The high number of road accidents makes a number of automotive manufacturers compete to present technology and safety and security features. However, even though the security and safety features are understood, it is not impossible that an accident will still occur and if it has already happened, Sapupla lawyers will protect your rights. Here are tips to avoid the accident.

Vehicle conditions

Maintenance of your vehicle, and try not only to extend the life of the car, but it is useful so that the car is still maintained.

By doing maintenance, the owner will realize and detect early on any car problems that are being experienced by the car before the problem becomes big resulting in fatal things.

One of the most common maintenance problems that can cause accidents is improper tire pressure. Uneven pressure on the tires not only can affect performance, but can even cause an explosion, especially when the car is at high speed.

Obey Signs

Traffic signs that are installed on the highway are not only as a guide or make traffic more orderly. Signs also function to protect vehicle users from the dangers of accidents.

Don’t sleepy

A study conducted by researchers at Virginia Tech America reported that 20 percent of all accidents due to drivers were sleepy while driving. If the driver is tired enough, it is recommended to immediately pull over to take a nap.

Many people think that yawning is not something to worry about. Though yawning is a warning system from the body to immediately rest yourself.

The solution is simple, before driving make sure your night’s sleep is good. Make sure you get eight hours of sleep, or even take a break regularly.

Don’t call

A number of countries have passed laws banning cellphone use while driving. The reason is that the number of deaths associated with these activities turned out to be quite large. This proves that calling while driving is very dangerous.

Calling while driving is very dangerous because the concentration of driving will be dispersed, causing the level of risk of accidents to increase. Although when you call your eyes, you still look ahead, but the concentration of the brain will certainly focus on the other person on the phone. As a result, the focus you will oversee the highway will be lost causing too much vigilance too.

Keep the Speed

Many drivers who ignore safety then drive very high speeds. Although it was considered to be pursuing their time but it was not only dangerous to themselves, but also endangered the lives of others around them.

Always use turn signal lights on every occasion when you will take another line or turn. In addition, the mirror must never escape from the driver’s view.


Many driving experts strongly recommend that drivers not ignore the importance of using seat belts. Belts are one of the tools in a car that can save lives.

Don’t use a seat belt just because you are afraid of the police because you should care more about your own safety.

Keep a Safe Distance

In order to avoid things that are not desirable, the driver should always pay attention to the safe distance when driving. Drivers must be deft enough to react if the car in front stops suddenly.

By Tara