The work started by Suzuki a hundred years ago to invent a way to simplify his mother’s sewing and weaving business has resulted in one of the world’s most famous and huge motor companies. The Suzuki Corporation has invented world-class motorcycles, various jets used for sea transportation, and various automobiles for the international market to ease human fatigue and has been contributing significantly to the growth of the auto industry market. Suzuki Motor Corporation has been at the forefront of bringing the idea of compact cars to the auto industry. They have also been known to make it easy for anyone in the world to own a car.

After entering the Indian auto industry 40 years ago through Maruti International Company, Suzuki vehicles in the Indian household have been a common purchase next to the daily necessities, which has incited doubt that it produces other goods as well. Suzuki Maruti has dominated the Indian vehicle market by manufacturing vehicles in India and has also been a global vehicle market leader by exporting more vehicles to various countries. One of the sub-products that Maruti Suzuki offers to the global market is the compact sedan called the Suzuki Swift, which started in 2008. Later, after changing the name of the Suzuki Swift vehicle, it was marketed as the Suzuki Dzire.

The Suzuki Dzire has managed to sell more than 2.5 million units since its launch in the Indian market. The vehicles have become the number one preferred model in the Indian market.

In our country, although Suzuki vehicle products in different models were on the market before 2017, the Suzuki Dzire and other models have been widely entering and controlling the market since 2017. According to Ethiopian Customs Commission information, since 2017, more than 25,000 different Suzuki vehicles have been imported into the country.

Ever since the customs tax change issued by the government to replace old vehicles with new ones, countless Suzuki Dzire vehicles have been imported and have fared better than other competing vehicles. Reasonable original purchase prices of the vehicles, regular servicing of the vehicles after purchase, reasonable replacement costs of the vehicles, and their economical fuel consumption have made the market demand for the vehicles increase.

The Suzuki Dzire uses a four-cylinder engine with a chassis structure heartect platform that is light but strong and made of tensile steel. Due to the fact that it is made of non-flammable steel, it is easy to absorb the impact of accidents in an even and balanced way. The chassis’ ability to move steel has allowed it to gain wide acceptance in the automobile industry.

In particular, the Suzuki Dzire has become more popular because of how well its chassis protects passengers from getting hurt in accidents and keeps them safe. It has 66 kilowatts of power, which allows it to generate high power with low fuel consumption. As a vehicle with an automated manual transmission, it has been able to combine the positive benefits of manual and automatic power transmission vehicles by assisting you in avoiding the hassles encountered when driving manual vehicles, but with the ease of maintenance and low fuel consumption.

Suzuki Dzire vehicles are equipped with the next-generation K-Series engine and are designed for heavy traffic (engine idle start-stop technology). Dzire vehicles, which are currently being sold in the market, were last updated in 2020, and they are equipped with VVT BS6 technology, which means that their engines have better compression (a higher compression ratio), improved engine piston cooling, and improved engine friction reduction (enhanced engine friction), which can generate better energy.

The new 2020 Dzire is designed to have a spacious interior and superior safety. The model is equipped with an electronic stability program and a hill-hold option that helps prevent vehicles from rolling backwards when braking, which ensures that the driver can keep the vehicle under control at all times.

The 2020 Dzire has reliable front and rear speed control, which provides better braking performance and brake life. Additionally, all variants get dual airbags, pre-tensioner seat belts, ISOFIX (Child Restraint System), and ABS with EBD are fitted. It is built on the fifth-generation HEARTECT platform and meets frontal, side, and pedestrian safety standards.

Outside of our country, the Suzuki Dzire is the first vehicle in India in terms of annual sales, which has led it to win first place for many years.

Suzuki Corporation provides a 3-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty to users who purchase Suzuki Desire vehicles from authorized dealers, demonstrating the high quality of the models.

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By Tara