The initial gold necklace is a necklace model with initial letter-shaped pendants. This initial necklace reflects a user’s identity, a chemistry symbol with a loved one, and even pride for something.

Wearing an initial necklace is a way to express yourself in a unique way. Unlike the name-shaped pendant, the initial gold necklace is preferred because it is more concise, simple, but still looks elegant. Because of its simplicity, this necklace is suitable for everyday wear in a variety of settings. In addition, the initial necklace also remains matching when combined with a variety of clothing styles, ranging from formal, casual, to party outfits.

This initial necklace became popular around the 14th century. Have you ever heard the name, Anne Boleyn? Anne Boleyn is the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Anne Boleyn who is also the 6th wife of King Henry VIII always wears the initial gold necklace in the form of the letter “B” which is decorated with 3 pearl stones that hang underneath. This necklace becomes very iconic and legendary because it is a distinctive style of the royal queen classmate. This is believed to be one of the factors in the boom of necklaces with letter-shaped pendants.

This double name necklace usually represents the name of the wearer. This is intended so that the wearer is more confident because it reflects the character and strong personality. This initial gold necklace is a timeless model. The design of letters owned by initials necklaces is also increasingly diverse and increasingly beautiful as the times develop. No exaggeration if the initial necklace is called the eternal trend of a piece of jewelry.

Initial Gold Necklace, Unique and Luxurious Gifts

For men who want to buy their lover with unique jewelry, the initial gold necklace is the solution. This model necklace is usually made according to the request by the buyer, so it is guaranteed that no one else will have a similar necklace. That way the woman who wears this initial GNN fingerprint necklace will feel more special because the item she is wearing is not a market item that is normally owned by everyone.

Choosing initial letters doesn’t have to be the initial letter of your name, you know. You can choose the initial letter of the name of someone you care about, for example, the lover, parents, or friends. As performed by Hollywood celebrity Charlize Theron, this woman wore a gold initial shaped “J” which is the initials of her own son’s name, Jackson. By wearing this initial gold necklace, the person you love will stay close to your heart.

Maybe you are confused about what letter will be the pendant on your initial gold necklace later. Roughly the initials of your name or her name, huh? Relax, you can choose both of them to make your pendant! As did Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry who came from the British royal family. Meghan Markle chose 2 letters, namely H representing Harry’s name and M representing his own name. The thin necklace that adorns her neck is so simple but still radiates graceful and sweet beauty without looking excessive.

In addition to your own name and the name of a loved one, you can also choose initials that represent something that you stand for. For example, L for “Love”, “F” for “Fight”, and many more. This method is more unique and more privacy because other people will not know who or what the meaning behind the letters in your initial gold necklace. Only you know what the purpose and purpose behind the initial gold necklace you are wearing. A community in Germany wears an initial gold necklace in the form of the letter “C” which represents the word “Cancer”. This necklace is given to every cancer sufferer as a support and hope that the spirit of struggle against the disease he suffers. Very unique but meaningful, right?

Make Your Necklace More Luxurious!

Do you want your initial gold necklace to look more luxurious when worn at a party? You can combine it with a thin necklace to make it look more volume. Or you can also add a long layer necklace that falls right in the abdomen. This style is often used by Hollywood celebrities to add to the impression of glamor even though only wearing a simple black dress.

Not only women but initials necklaces are also very suitable to be worn by masculine men. The initials white gold necklace looks very attractive especially if combined with a dark-colored shirt or blazer. If you are the type of man who is simple but still wants to be trendy, you should wear this necklace. After looking at all the advantages of the initials necklace, you must be impatient to buy it immediately, right? When buying initial gold necklaces, don’t forget to check the authenticity of the gold and the quality it has, yes. This is because this necklace will you wear every day at various events. Do not let you have to spend a lot, but it turns out the necklace you wear is fake, causing allergies or itching on your skin.

By Tara