Harley-Davidson's New 121ci CVO Engine Has VVT

A pair of days in the past, we have been tipped off by Harley-Davidson blogger Dr. Dan Morel about images of an alleged new CVO Highway Glide and CVO Street Glide taken from the manufacturing facility floor. Morel has considering that despatched us a different photo, giving a distinct glance at the CVO Highway Glide’s correct facet, such as evidence that the new 121ci engine uses variable valve timing.

Here’s the whole impression we been given:

Right away, we noticed two specifics that even further guidance our primary report. The massive intake prominently capabilities the number 121, suggesting a 121ci displacement (which is about 1982cc, in metric figures). This matches the 121 demonstrated on the derby protect on the still left facet of the bike. The other detail we can see is the compact tab on the base ideal aspect of the tank badge. Beneath the “ON” in “Harley-Davidson,” there is a chrome tab jutting downward with some faint lettering. Searching closer (click on the image above to see a larger sized edition) and you can make out the letters “CVO,” further more confirming this is a new entry to Harley-Davidson’s Custom made Motor vehicle Functions line. We previously assumed all of this in our preliminary report, and the new proof more confirms it.

But there is 1 additional key disclosed in this photograph. Glance closely at the camshaft address appropriate higher than the floorboard and you’ll detect the acquainted Bar-and-Defend emblem. Now review it to the exact same space on the 2023 CVO Highway Glide Confined Anniversary below:

On the Anniversary design, and on all Harley-Davidson’s existing designs with a Milwaukee-8 motor, the camshaft protect is beautifully round, with the mounting bolts found to possibly facet of the Bar-and-Shield. On the new 121ci motor, the protect has the bolts over and below, and it is no lengthier completely round, with an rectangular shape protruding towards the entrance of the bike. We cropped the image tighter underneath, and despite the pixelation, 3 little white letters are obvious on this protruding section: “VVT”.

Harley-Davidson presently presents VVT on its Revolution Max styles like the Pan The us, but so considerably, all of its Milwaukee-8 engines use a conventional timing technique. With emissions limits acquiring tighter and tighter, VVT could help its air-cooled V-Twins keep on being compliant for a couple much more years.

A new VVT method would also reveal a person of the queries we experienced about the engine’s displacement. As we observed in our first tale, the 121ci is a new engine measurement, and surprising, as the existing CVO Milwaukee-8 117 motor already experienced a Screamin’ Eagle Phase III upgrade package that would get it to 122ci. It appeared odd that the new CVO Street Glide did not just adopt that package as conventional. The only rational explanation is that the new CVO made available anything else that required even more improvements from the existing engines, these as VVT.

There also seems to be a modify to the transmission go over, the piece with “Harley-Davidson” on it located in the curve of the exhaust pipe. That protect, which typically hides the transmission bearings, differs rather a bit from the address on the 117ci motor above that suggests “Six Pace.” On the 117ci engine, the mounting bolts are flush with the casing behind the go over whereas on the 121ci motor, the mounting bolts are recessed. The unique transmission casing suggests a major alter to the gearbox, these as the addition of a reverse gear, potentially.

What other secrets does Harley-Davidson have in store with its new CVOs?

It’s turning out to be clearer and clearer that Harley-Davidson has considerable modifications coming for its 2023 CVO Street Glide and CVO Street Glide, with some of individuals adjustments potentially carrying about to other non-CVO Milwaukee-Eight types for 2024 and beyond.

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By Tara