Appealing details you require to about armored/bulletproof motor vehicles, and the lives of Nigerians they have saved.

Interesting Facts About Armored/Bulletproof Cars And The Lives Of Nigerians They Have Saved - autojosh

Random terrorist attacks and elevated circumstances of political assassinations and kidnappings has increased the calls for for armored and bulletproof automobiles as the alarming security issues has not only impacted the prosperous and well-known, but also the legislation enforcement businesses, executives, diplomats, politicians and heads of states.

In accordance to Texas-centered armoring expert, Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), 80 to 90% of terrorist assaults and assassinations occur even though the victims are traveling by automobile.

Right now, Autojosh brings you some attention-grabbing points about armored/bulletproof autos, and the life of Nigerians they have saved.

Interesting Facts About Armored/Bulletproof Cars And The Lives Of Nigerians They Have Saved - autojosh

1) There are around 200,000 armored cars at the moment in use globally. These vehicles are intended to defend and immediately whisk travellers to a safe place in the course of any type of assault.

2) It can take attackers an of average 6 seconds to do a occupation. Armored autos give consumers further time to know they are below attack and get out of the circumstance.

3) Most armored cars wears ton of ballistic steel plate and armored glass, which lets them to withstand rounds of bullets shot by AK-47s, AR-15s, 9 mm pistols and Improved Explosive Units (IEDs).

4) A correctly developed armored motor vehicle can support you disarm probable terrorists and prevent kidnapping threats.

Some are fitted with Pepper Spray Dispenser as well as Spikes and Oil Slick shipping and delivery method to disable the car or truck the attackers are riding in.

Interesting Facts About Armored/Bulletproof Cars And The Lives Of Nigerians They Have Saved - autojosh

5) Most straightforward way to know a auto is bulletproof?

Armored autos with clear windows have tints at the edges. The Ballistic Glass are built up of a mix of leaded glass and a polycarbonate substrate.

6) Armored automobiles can continue on to push properly and with balance for quite a few miles even just after their tyres have been blown out mainly because they are geared up with run-flat tyres.

7) A Ferrari 458 Particular by armouring expert, AddArmor, is the “world’s swiftest bulletproof car”.

Regardless of packing 67 lbs . far more than stock car, the armored 458 even now maintains its major speed of 202 mph.

8) An common armored automobile fees about $120,000 although some armored cars expense about $3 million like the armored Bugatti.

9) The odds of dying in an unarmored vehicle by incident are all over 1 in 5,000, even though the odds of dying in an armored car by accident are about 1 in 30,000 (6 x a lot less probable).

Interesting Facts About Armored/Bulletproof Cars And The Lives Of Nigerians They Have Saved - autojosh

10) According to, armored truck officers have the next-greatest loss of life rate in the field, a distant 2nd to the position of nightclub protection guard.

11) According to reviews, greater part of the assaults on armored motor vehicles are on the glass (what attackers can see).

12) The most well known armored automobile in the globe is the off-roading Toyota Land Cruiser sport utility automobile (SUV).

13) Armored Lexus LX 570 is the formal vehicle of choice for the greater part of Nigerian Governors. The LX 570 wears tonnes of armour plating and bulletproof glass, allowing for it to face up to assaults from impressive weaponry, together with enhanced explosive products (IEDs).

14) Armored automobiles have saved the life of quite a few Nigerian politicians, which includes the present president, Muhammadu Buhari, in 2014, as very well as previous Governor of Imo Condition, Main Ikedi Ohakim, previously in the week.

“Bulletproof Vehicle, God's Grace Saved My Life”, Ex-gov Ohakim Speaks On Attack By Gunmen In Imo - autojosh

15) Armormax has created armored cars for 42 different Heads of State, the U.S. Federal government, the Pope, a lot of of the fortune 500 providers, lawyers as well as quite a few rich organization homeowners

16) It usually takes attackers an of common 6 seconds to do a position. Armored cars give consumers added time to notice they are under attack and get out of the predicament.

17) Decommissioned US President limousine aka ‘The Beast’ are destroyed with bullets and explosives rounds to demonstrate its usefulness in opposition to these types of weaponry, and also to destroy the techniques of its companies, armoring and defensive talents.

18) In accordance to experiences, Putin’s Aurus Senat L700 limousine has the capability to easily preserve the President and other occupants harmless when entirely submerged in water — just connect with the L700 a mini submarine.

19) Amormax, INKAS Armored Car Producing, Texas Armoring Company (TAC) and are Nigeria’s Proforce some of the major armoring organizations.

20) It would consider an armored automobile fewer than 6 months to vacation a distance of 238,855 miles or 384,400 km (i.e length from Earth to the moon) at 60mph.

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