JAMESTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD Regular Meeting Official Minutes School board meeting on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 5:15 pm in the Thompson Community room at the Middle School. Present: Greg Allen, President, Heidi Larson, Vice President, Melissa Gleason, Diane Hanson, Roger Haut, Gayle Nelson, Aaron Roberts, Jason Rohr, Dan Tweten, Superintendent, Robert Lech and Business Manager, Sally Ost. Guests: no guests. President Allen called the meeting to order and welcomed the audience, Jason Linz, Bluejay Channel, and Amy Neustel, Administrative Assistant. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mrs. Gleason to approve the consent agenda which consisted of December 20, 2021 regular school board meeting minutes, January 3, 2022 school board retreat minutes, January 3, 2022 special school board meeting minutes, payment of bills, pledge securities, December enrollment report, 2020-2021 Superintendent’s Annual report, open enrollment application for a 9 and 10 grade Pingree Buchanan students to attend Jamestown Public Schools, and open enrollment application for a Barnes County North Student to attend Jamestown Public Schools. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Heidi Larson arrived at 5:17 pm. Superintendent Lech and Mr. Aaron Roberts reported on the facility committee. The committee is reviewing the projects and the cost involved in each building project. Materials across the board are increasing due to inflation. Superintendent Lech reported on the changes to the health and safety plan due to changes in the CDC guidelines. Superintendent Lech reported on the Return to Learning update that is on the agenda. The board is required to review the plan every 6 months. Superintendent Lech reported the Teacher’s Leadership Academy meeting is Thursday. He is working to have Carrington School district as our rural partner to participate in this educational opportunity. Superintendent Lech reported on the Powerschool access report that was requested. Parent/student access has increased each year over a 3 year period. Superintendent Lech reported the wellness committee decided to give more awareness of service for our employees through the employee assistance plan. Dr. Lech sends out highlights on specific service every two weeks through the end of the school year. Melissa Foster was not able to attend to do board education on Elementary social emotional learning. This will be moved to a future meeting. Mrs. Sally Ost, Business Manager provided a general fund balance sheet to the board for review. Mr. Roberts moved, seconded by Mr. Rohr to approve the monthly financials. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Rohr moved, seconded by Mr. Haut to approve the resignation of Michelle Reed, Business Education Teacher at the High School effective at the conclusion of the 2021-2022 school year. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mrs. Larson moved, seconded by Mr. Roberts to approve the resignation and release of contract for Benjamin Elder, Technology and Engineering Teacher at the Middle School effective on January 3, 3022. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mr. Roberts to approve the resignation and release of contract for Robert Hall, Automotive Tech Teacher at the Career and Technology Center effective on December 17, 2021. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. The board thanked the teachers for their years of service to the district. Mrs. Larson moved, seconded by Mr. Haut to approve the hire of David Kline, Automotive Tech Teacher at the Career and Technology Center, Salary $24,561.83 (prorated for the 2021-2022 school year) and contingent upon licensure and background check. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mr. Roberts to approve the second reading of policy DCAC- Salary adjustments for certified employees. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mr. Rohr to approve the amended policy GDB- Graduation Exercises. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mr. Tweten to rescind policy ABBB – Use of School Facilities. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mr. Roberts to approve the first reading of policy ABBB – Community Use of District Property. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. The board reviewed ABBB-AR School facilities administrative guidelines, ABBB-E1 Facilities rental fees and ABBB-E2 Rental agreement for school property. The board received the election timeline information and applications can be found on the website or district office. The board members were informed of the negotiations seminar in February at Bismarck. Mr. Haut moved, seconded by Mrs. Nelson to approve the 6 month review of the Return to Learning and Continuous Services Plan. Roll call with unanimous “yes” vote. Motion carried. No further business, President Allen adjourned the meeting. GENERAL FUND AMAZON.COM 2,473.49 ANDERSON, LUKE 30.00 ARMITAGE, MICHAEL 49.71 ASCD (875.00) AT & T MOBILITY 252.08 AVI SYSTEMS 23,460.00 BACKER’S WOODWORKING 890.00 BACKGROUND INVSTGTN BUR 136.50 CASHWISE 1,677.55 CENTRAL AUTO REPAIR 225.24 CENTRAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS 3,186.20 CENTRAL DAKOTA DISTANCE LEARNING 4,000.00 CENTRAL VALLEY HEALTH 4,240.00 CITY OF JAMESTOWN 4,476.90 CITY OF JAMESTOWN 12,704.15 COLE PAPERS 4,388.21 CONNECT TELETHERAPY 5,034.00 CONWAY, JOHN 30.00 COUNTRY GARDENS (4.50) CURRENT CATALOG 27.96 DACOTAH PAPER 1,333.77 DAKOTA BOYS&GIRLS RANCH 5,405.00 DAKOTA DUST TEX 510.60 DECKER EQUIPMENT 244.89 DELZER, EDDY 30.00 DEMCO 863.17 DIDIER, DONALD 30.00 DIETRICH BUS 45,913.20 DOMINO’S PIZZA 178.24 ECKROTH MUSIC 539.74 ELITE HEATING 1,461.56 FARGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS 1,334.40 FLINN SCIENTIFIC 912.47 GEFFRE, THOMAS 172.50 GEHLHAR, ADAM 30.00 GOPHER SPORT 1,678.90 GRAYBAR ELECTRIC (56.20) GUN & REEL SPORTS 25.99 HARTY, RYAN 30.00 HEGLAND, JOSEPH 30.00 HEMMER, TANYA 305.76 HIGH TECH HIGH 950.00 HOME OF ECONOMY 6.88 HOME2 SUITES 131.50 HUGO’S #9 13.17 HW WILSON PRODUCT LINE 179.10 INFORMATION TECH DEPT 735.00 INNOVATIVE OFFICE 5,405.25 JAMES RIVER SPECIAL ED 72,540.82 JAMES RIVER TRANSIT 87.50 JMSTN COMMUNICATIONS 102.00 JMSTN PUBLIC SCHOOL 105.00 JMSTN SUN 1,552.77 JAYMAR BUSINESS 580.04 JOHNSON PLASTICS 118.74 JONNY B’S BRICKHOUSE 58.50 JUNG, JENNIFER 30.00 JW PEPPER 107.00 LEARNING A-Z 216.00 LECH, ROBERT 534.00 MAC’S 61.05 MARCO TECH 1,963.59 MENARDS 221.56 MICHAELSON, NATHAN 30.00 MICKELSON, CODY 52.08 MONTANA DAKOTA UTLTS 16,843.39 MOVAVI.COM 59.07 NAPA AUTO PARTS 53.56 NASCO ED. 11.48 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL 103.00 ND COUNCIL EDUC LEADERS 1,015.00 NDCA 2,020.00 OSLUND, ANDREW 47.14 OST, SALLY 30.00 OTTERTAIL POWER 27,280.22 PEARCE DURICK 62.50 PETTYS, QUENTIN 59.57 PITNEY BOWES 1,000.00 PRASEK, MICHELLE 13.44 QUIZNOS SUB 88.00 RAINBOW GAS 10,429.42 RECYCLING CENTER 484.00 REGENTS OF THE UNIV. 499.00 SCHAUER & ASSOCIATES 19,358.10 SCHERBENSKE 2,265.00 SCHMIDT, SHERRY 30.00 SERVICEMASTER 775.00 SMITH, PATRICIA 30.00 SOLUTION TREE 2,440.50 SE ED. COOP 15,969.87 STILWELL, MARK 30.00 TDS METROCOM 171.59 TOTTINGHAM, MONA 2,531.52 TWO RIVERS PRINTING 166.00 VILLAGE FAMILY SERVICE 5,000.00 WALMART COMMUNITY 253.86 WARDS SCIENCE 1,278.25 WEGNER, JEROME 30.00 WEX HEALTH INC 166.95 WILLIAMS SONOMA.COM (3.37) WRIGHT EXPRESS 294.06 WW GRAINGER 416.62 ZOOM.US 340.00 Fund Total: 324,800.77 BUILDING FUND JLG ARCHITECTS 13,629.00 Fund Total: 13,629.00 DEBT SERVICE FUND BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON 37,407.50 Fund Total: 37,407.50 STUDENT ACTIVITY ALLEN, COOPER 57.50 ANDERSEN, KATHERINE 78.00 BECK, JAMIE 216.85 BECKER, NICHOLAS 339.50 BEE’S CAFE 320.00 BERGAN, THOMAS 335.90 BREVILLE USA 550.00 BRUMMOND, JORDAN 0.00 BSN SPORTS 183.40 CARIBOU COFFEE 45.00 CARTON, ANDREW 120.00 CASHWISE 55.92 DEAVER, BRIAN 79.45 DIETRICH BUS 20,676.97 DOLLAR TREE 24.00 DOMINO’S PIZZA 91.86 DONS HOUSE OF FLOWERS 47.95 ECKART, CHRIS 159.00 ECKROTH MUSIC 47.99 EDISON, ROSS 466.70 EVERSPRING INN 2,773.15 FARTHING, COLEMAN 127.00 FIRST 3,000.00 FISHER, LORA 78.00 FREEMAN, DENNIS 193.40 GANGE, BRANDON 66.00 GEE, CYNTHIA 98.00 GERRELLS SPORTS 711.54 GRAND RAPIDS HIGH SCHOOL 250.00 GREAT PLAINS FOOD BANK 96.62 GUBRUD, MARK 163.20 HAGLUND, BRET 87.45 HENDERSON, CASEY 377.00 HIGHLAND SUITES 828.00 HOKE, ALIVIA 300.00 HUGO’S #9 71.56 INNOVATIVE OFFICE 14.58 JONNY B’S BRICKHOUSE 180.00 JULIAN, LAURIE 78.00 JW PEPPER 128.84 KIECKER, COURTNAY 55.50 KURTZ, HOLDEN 151.50 LINTON PUBLIC SCHOOL 0.00 LUKES, LANCE 254.00 MAGNUSSON, WILLIAM 103.45 MANDAN HIGH SCHOOL 100.00 MARSHALL, ROBERT 249.25 MCDANIEL, JAMES 254.00 METRO TIMING 305.28 MICHALENKO, JENNIFER 234.00 MOSER, BRETT 93.00 MOSER, LARRY 127.00 ND HIGH SCHOOL COACH ASSN 120.00 NDHSAA 50.00 NEIS SERVICES 9,169.00 NEWMAN SIGNS 529.00 NFHS NETWORK 70.00 NIELSON, MATTHEW 167.95 NORTH SARGENT HIGH SCHOOL 421.00 O’NEILL, SHAWN 393.50 OLIVE GARDEN 435.24 ORRIGINALS 60.00 PELKEY, JESSUP 310.85 PIT # 105 341.54 PIZZA RANCH 159.87 POPPLERS MUSIC 48.95 ROALDSON, JAMES 30.00 ROMSDAL, JEFFREY 151.50 RUDIS 3,883.10 RUMBLE ON THE RED 500.00 SAM’S CLUB 48.18 SAMMYS PIZZA 318.85 SCHIELE, JEREMEY 567.00 SCHLENKER, JILL 46.50 SCHLENKER, JON 94.00 SCHMITT MUSIC 32.37 SKATETIME SCHOOL PROGRAMS 1,170.00 SMITH, SAMUEL 120.00 STICKERAPP.COM 123.00 STOCKERT, BRETT 312.50 STOKES, AREI 127.00 SWALLOW, MCKENZIE 148.00 TDS METROCOM 3.22 TWO RIVERS PRINTING 2,069.00 UNDEM, DALE 156.25 UNIVERSITY OF JAMESTOWN 200.00 VALLEY CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL 208.00 WALMART COMMUNITY 945.68 WELLS FARGO 4,600.00 WELLS, SHIRLA 900.00 WILDSIDE CREATIONS 5,069.00 WOODLEY, RACHEL 78.00 WRIGHT EXPRESS 342.40 YANISH, BRIAN 167.95 ZABINSKI, BLAKE 621.50 ZERR, TREV 127.00 Fund Total: 70,882.21 HEALTH INSURANCE HAYS COMPANIES 3,204.00 MEDALLUS 12,654.80 Fund Total: 15,858.80 JAMESTOWN DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS DOLLYWOOD FOUNDATION 1,162.06 JMSTN PUBLIC SCHOOL 88.90 Fund Total: 1,250.96 SCHOOL LUNCH ARAMARK 1,759.05 BACKGROUND INVSGTN BUR 17.50 BERNATELLO’S FOODS 390.60 CITY OF JAMESTOWN 1,694.00 COCA COLA 1,120.00 DACOTAH PAPER 2,167.88 DAKOTA CENTRAL 274.20 EARTHGRAINS BAKING 1,257.08 EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY 5,238.10 GENERAL PARTS 168.26 GRIM, BRIAN 184.00 HASKELL, JACKIE 9.52 HUGO’S #9 11.16 ND ATTORNEY GENERAL 52.50 ND DEPT OF PUBLIC INSTRUC 1,126.42 OSTER, JOSEPH 33.94 PAPA MURPHYS 1,206.00 PEPSI 368.35 SCHAUER & ASSOCIATES 2,150.90 STEINS 846.95 SYSCO 26,147.30 TDS METROCOM 0.87 Fund Total: 46,224.58 JAMES VALLEY CAREER AND TECHNICAL CENTER A & B BUSINESS 76.93 ACME TOOLS 468.99 CABLE SERVICES 96.42 CARPARTS.COM, 146.28 CENTRAL BUSINESS 315.00 CITY OF JAMESTOWN 540.77 COLE PAPERS 84.25 COUNTRY MEATS 623.00 DACOTAH PAPER 185.08 DAKOTA CENTRAL 217.63 DAKOTA DUST TEX 46.50 DIETRICH BUS 910.00 INFINITY BUILDING 265.71 JETSTREAM 135.73 MAC’S 54.88 MENARDS 6,488.71 MONTANA DAKOTA UTLTS 3,295.99 MWG, 1,725.00 NAPA 185.35 ND FFA ASSOC. 150.00 NDCA 175.00 OREILLY AUTO PARTS 273.47 OTTERTAIL POWER 2,656.48 RECYCLING CENTER 32.00 SCHAUER & ASSOCIATES 6,300.00 SCHERBENSKE 501.25 SCOTTS ELECTRIC 497.31 STAMPS.COM 17.99 TDS METROCOM 0.14 UPS 47.58 WALMART COMMUNITY 1,754.62 Fund Total: 28,268.06 (March 26, 2022) 45118

By Tara