Pavel Malanik’s Self-Created JAP V8 Motorbike

If you have read of JAP, you’re in all probability very properly-versed with vintage motorcycles. JAP stands for John Alfred Prestwich, which is the enterprise founder’s identify. JAP got its start off at the commencing of the 20th century in England, producing bikes until finally it decided that manufacturing engines made a lot more enterprise sense. 

JAP was a person of the most significant engine companies in Europe from the 1920s to 1930s, and quite a number of motorcycles really experienced JAP engines in them. JAP produced larger engines, on the other hand, the greater engines ended up destined for use in airplanes and not motorbikes. 

For Pavel Malanik, a Czech builder with a fascination with the V8 plane motor, he would, regretably, run into a hurdle even right before he commenced work on his task back in 2017. The JAP V8 is now an very scarce motor with only two to three examples regarded to have survived the sands of time. Just one JAP V8 is on exhibit in the London Science Museum, cutaway for the display screen. Malanik employed the museum’s screen to recreate the motor himself, getting pics prior to beginning his task. 

Replicating an motor which is around 100 yrs old is no quick endeavor. With no template to function with, Malanik experienced to make the complete motor from the floor up. With assistance from a milling machine and a buddy with a five-axis CNC machine, he was able to recreate the motor. All the things in the recreated V8 engine, aside from the roller bearings and 8 spark plugs, was made from scratch. It took far more than five years to draw up the programs, manufacture the elements, and set anything collectively. 

The stop result is a stunning bike with an exposed valvetrain and artisanal ending all about. The engine arrives in at 4.4 liters (4,144ccs of displacement), and it can make significant horsepower, at the very least for an engine that was built in the early 20th century. With its displacement, the engine cranks out a massive 50 horses at 1,300 RPM. In all seriousness, having said that, the horsepower figures are large but the 184 foot-lbs of torque are big. The idle velocity for this motor is pegged at about 200 rpm. There’s so substantially torque that Malanik experienced to forgo the much more period-proper belt generate for a twin chain and sprocket setup. 

Encompassing the engine is a dwelling-developed body that can take inspiration from early motorcycles, with no rear suspension and just a entrance fork dealing with the damping duties. There are seats below the saddle for some extra ease and comfort, but I reckon that this bike will be extremely awkward to experience. At 260 kilograms or 573 lbs ., it’s not a mild bicycle and to counteract the bodyweight the tire pressures have to be inflated to a staggering 72 lbs for each square inch. 

The bike was effectively acquired after it was done. Malanik entered it into a display in Prague, and it was topped with the Very best of Clearly show award at the Bohemian Personalized Bikes Demonstrate that occurred early in March 2023.

By Tara