In the late evening on Friday, September 2, 2022, a Faucet Air Portugal Airbus A320neo collided with a motorbike even though landing at Guinea Conakry International Airport. The collision transpired at 11:40 p.m. regional time, when the plane hit two people using a motorbike on the lively runway. It was not possible for the pilots to see the bike on the runway, as it was pitch black in addition to the runway lights and aircraft landing lights illuminating the runway. The A320neo safely and securely exited the runway and taxied to the gate. Besides the two unfortunate casualties on the motorcycle, no other men and women were being hurt.

Damage and Aftermath

Soon after producing it to the gate, the pilots and floor crew proceeded to examine the harm brought about by the trespassers on the runway. The motorcyclists are presumed to have been sucked in and killed by the CFM LEAP 1A engines of the A320neo. The scraps of motorbike that are still left all have impacted the aircraft’s left motor. The motorcycle has weakened the outdoors rim of the LEAP motor and seems to have inflicted more hurt on the left motor.

The damage inflicted on the motor. (Photo: Unfamiliar Source, originally located listed here)
Additional visuals of the aftermath of the collision. (Photograph: Unidentified Resource, initially observed listed here)

The Aircraft

For every, the Airbus A320neo concerned in the incident is registered CS-TVI, a 1.5-12 months-previous A320neo. The aircraft was delivered in April 2021, section of Tap Air Portugal’s change to far more fuel-economical plane. The aircraft will most very likely have to undertake heavy routine maintenance in Conakry before using to the skies yet again.

From Lisbon, CS-TVI operated flight TP1492, carrying passengers to Conakry International Airport. The return leg of the flight was canceled.  As of Sunday, September 4, the Airbus A320neo involved in the incident nonetheless has not remaining Conakry.

Joint Investigation and Statements

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A statement posted to Twitter by the formal account of Conakry Intercontinental Airport mentioned that the Civil Aviation Authority of Guinea (AGAC), and the Portuguese Department of Security and Safety (SOEGAC) will be jointly investigating “the brings about and duties of the get-togethers associated.”

In addition, Tap Air Portugal introduced a different statement on Saturday. It states “flight TP1492 had an accident landing at Guinea Conakry airport, when a bike experimented with to cross the runway at that moment, and the occupant of the auto shed his lifetime…Travellers and crew are all fantastic…Faucet is collaborating with the community authorities to investigate the conditions that led to this regrettable problem.”

New reporting by a community news portal suggests that the casualties were being safety guards operating at the airport.


By Tara