Two Aussies are madly producing a Hydrogen-driven Australian-engineered 1200cc V8 motorbike

In AMCN Vol 71 No 09, Hamish Cooper released Aussie bicycle brand Salt’s options for a light-weight V8 bike engine. We all bought enthusiastic and then – perfectly, practically nothing occurred.

Nicely, it was going on, it was just occurring behind the scenes. You see, Brendan James is Paul Lewis’s companion and backer for Salt Motorcycles. He’s also the founder and chairman of LINE Hydrogen, a firm set to revolutionise Australia’s strength sector.

So aside from becoming a motorcyclist, Brendan’s a mining engineer who’s operated in some really distant sites. As these, he knows that if we’re likely to kick our 84 million litres a day diesel pattern and exceed our CO2 reduction targets, we require to get into inexperienced hydrogen. His company LINE has just announced its very first entire-scale professional environmentally friendly hydrogen plant in Tasmania.

What’s this acquired to do with a V8 motor in an Aussie-created Salt motorbike? Electric powered cars are terrific for metropolis function when they can sit around on a charger for 8 several hours a working day, but out in the bush, energy needs to be trucked in an immediate. Environmentally friendly hydrogen is generally using photo voltaic or hydroelectricity to break h2o down into hydrogen that can be tanked to wherever it is needed.

For us piston heads, and for individuals of us who appreciate travelling the outback, hydrogen electricity is the respond to.

Now devoid of receiving scientific, hydrogen can electricity an inside combustion (piston) engine with some serious modifications, mainly to permit for the reality that hydrogen delivers roughly fifty percent the electric power of petrol and diesel for equal portions. So the Salt board decided to skip the petrol stage with the new V8 and go straight to hydrogen power. 

Remaining light-weight and likely incredibly strong, it’s a ideal starting off issue for the bike engine of the long term. This indicates that a single day you and I can go bush on our Australian-produced hydrogen-run turbocharged V8 1200cc Salts with all the convenience and practicality of a fossil-fuelled bicycle. We can fill up at roadhouses and our exhausts will be spitting out drinking water. We’ll be running on ability produced from the sunshine, the wind and water. 

Jogging? Nah, with injected and pressure-fed V8s, mate… we’ll be roaring!

Purely view here but I’ve bought a couple mates concerned in environmentally friendly hydrogen and a whole whole lot a lot more in the mining sector. Suitable now Australia has the technologies and skills put together with limitless sunshine, a great deal of area and extra than more than enough h2o (salt drinking water, too) that could see us foremost the planet in environmentally friendly hydrogen output. We have the probable to source all our very own wants and export the relaxation.

Humorous is not it? Australia’s energy long run is all there, suitable in front of us and it’s a motorcyclist and a bike motor foremost the demand.   

  Words and phrases John Rooth  Images Salt

By Tara