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It seems with each passing day there’s an automotive recall. Recalls only occur after consumers in large enough numbers report the problems to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which then must pressure the automaker to “voluntarily” recall the vehicles.

Many times people drive vehicles with performance or safety issues for months before there is a recall to address the problem. Here are three models that are currently accumulating some complaints.

Mazda CX-5

NHTSA is receiving reports from owners of Mazda CX-5s saying their car’s auxiliary power stays on after turning the engine off, which drains power from the vehicle and can result in a dead battery. The problem appears to be with the shift switch/sensor, which can cost several hundred dollars to replace. 

“The SUV requires you to power it back on and shut it off several times before it actually shuts down,” an owner from Houston reported to NHTSA. “The radio and other accessories will not shut off when the car is powered down. Resulting in serious issues possibly happening if the car is not shut down properly. Anyone could get in and start the vehicle back up if they wanted to.” 

The 2014 model appears to be especially problematic. Over one-third of all complaints made to NHTSA regarding 2014 Mazda CX-5 s pertain to this issue. 

Land Rover Discovery

Several Land Rover Discovery owners report their vehicles’ roof rail cover has detached from the top of the vehicle while they were driving it, posing a serious safety risk to other drivers. The issue appears to affect Land Rover Discovery vehicles with model years 2015-2019 and has produced numerous complaints.

“Unbelievable. I’m driving on the highway (approximately 75mph) and I start hearing a little slapping noise on the roof,” one owner recounted on a Range Rovers forum. “As I glance out the rearview mirror to start moving towards the shoulder, I see the trim piece go flying off into the oncoming traffic behind me! THANKFULLY it didn’t hit any cars behind me. Although I think a couple cars had to dodge it.”

Land Rover issued a technical bulletin about this issue occurring among Discovery models from 2015-2019 in April 2019 but did not recall any affected vehicles.

GMC Acadia

Many cars now have a blind spot detection system, an important safety upgrade. However, if the system doesn’t always work, it could be a hazard. Some GMC Acadia owners have posted complaints on Acadia forums saying their vehicles’ blind spot detection system is failing.

GM appears to be addressing the problem short of issuing a recall. It issued a “special coverage adjustment” through NHTSA in April 2019, extending the warranty on the vehicles to six years/80,000 miles.

One owner posting on an Acadia forum advised other owners to contact their dealer because GM will repair the problem at no charge “if the vehicle meets certain criteria.” The source of the problem is said to be water intrusion.

By Tara