Military services motorcycles are in a classification all their very own. From WWII Harley-Davidson Twins to Russian mountain climbers, military services bikes are extremely awesome. On the other hand, there are not often viewed as significant-general performance equipment. Rather, they are like can openers all that issues is that they do the job. That all variations when you listen to about the Swiss military motorbike, the Condor A350, driven by a Ducati engine. 

Did Ducati ever make a army motorcycle? 

Silodrome studies that in excess of the several years, 3,000 A350 Condors ended up generated. The Condor was produced in the 1970s for the Swiss Military. The Ducati Scrambler’s 350cc thumper powered this classy minimal bike. The thought was to create a compact, challenging, lightweight motorcycle that could be far more mountain goat than hog. 

By Tara