OH, WHAT a difference the all-new BMW R1300GS is already making (along with a couple of EU regulations)! The German marque’s all-new, just unveiled adventure bike is not only about to put a cat among the adventure bike class pigeons, it’s also now powerful and grunty enough to make out ‘Top 10 Torquiest bikes’!

The last time we did a run-down of the Top 10 torquiest production bikes available was in 2016. Not that long ago, you might think. But with Euro4 coming into force in 2017 then Euro5 in 2021, both of which proved cataclysmic for big bore (ie torquey) engines, the effect has been to completely rewrite this line-up.

So, gone from the UK market, and thus also from this line up, is Yamaha’s gruntmeister VMAX. Gone, too, Kawasaki’s ZZR1400 and it’s farewell to other now obsolete machines such as Suzuki’s M1800R and Honda’s old interpretation of the Gold Wing. But, as that ‘old’ implies, it’s not all bad news…

And what’s this obsession with torque anyway? Simply it’s because, although any discussion about motorcycle performance tends to focus on horsepower, at some point a wise voice from the back will pipe up and suggest that torque is equally (or more) important.

In reality, of course, you actually need a balance of the two. Horsepower without enough torque leads to screaming, high-revving engines that constantly fall off their power bands, while torque without the revs needed to turn it into power will result in something that feels more like a tractor.

So, with the absence of bikes like the ZZR14 and VMAX which bikes now comes out top. To find out, we scoured the specifications to come up with a list of the 10 torquiest road bikes currently on sale in the UK.

By Tara