To avoid accidents, every car owner must be sensitive and immediately check whether there is an oddity in the brakes. Don’t be lazy to check and adjust. If you are lazy to adjust, the car owner must pay more if an accident occurs. Drivers need to know the signs that the car needs to be set. Especially the main part of the car. Don’t worry, with mechanical mr you don’t need to be confused when your brakes have problems. Mr Mechanical is a trusted brakes Southport since long ago.

Brakes are one of the main parts of the car. Together with gas, its function is to control the speed of the car. It will be very disturbing for the driver if the brakes are problematic. One problem that occurs in the brakes is less grip. Cars whose brakes are not functioning properly, it is feared an accident will occur. Things get worse if the car is at high speed and the brakes suddenly don’t work.

To avoid accidents, we need to know to check some parts of the brake, find out the reason and fix it. Next is how to handle the car brakes themselves less grip if the problem is on the brake booster, brake lining and brake master.

With the brake booster, the driver can step on the brake pedal more lightly. The way it works is to put pressure on the master brake. If there is no brake booster, the driver must step on the brake pedal deeper. If the driver feels he has to step on the brake pedal deeper, then there is something wrong with the brake booster.

There are three indications of damage to the brake booster.

First, as already told, the driver needs more effort when stepping on the brake pedal because the brake pedal is hard when stepped on. Second, there was a hissing sound in the air when the driver turned on the engine. The cause of hissing in the air is because the rubber seal on the brake booster has a leak. Third, leakage on the booster or servo brake makes the car difficult.

Decrease in car performance due to damage to the booster or servo brake has several reasons. In the brake hose or servo vacuum hose, you can check whether there is a leak or clogged dirt. Leakage problems, don’t forget to check the brake booster seal because it also has the potential to leak. Special diesel engines need to check vacuum blowers and wind tubes.

Next, how to deal with car brakes is less gripping.

  • Stationary checking machine. Stationary engines that have increased may be due to damaged rubber membranes.
  • Check the manifold-booster vacuum. Remove the hose attached to the booster. If there is no vacuum, it means that the hose is deadlocked.
  • Check the rubber booster. Noise is heard if the rubber booster is torn.
  • If steps 1, 2, 3 occur, we need to check the rubber booster.
  • Remove the brake master, brake booster, booster tube.
  • Check the torn and patched membrane.
  • Replace the brake parts that were removed.
  • Test the vehicle

Brake lining is a very important constituent of the brake system. Drivers need to understand the reliability of brake linings and understand the conditions when brake linings must be replaced. Forcing the brake lining that has been replaced has resulted in the driver having difficulty controlling the speed of the car.

There are conditions where the driver must replace the brake lining. If the driver has to hit the brakes more deeply than usual, feel the vibration on the pedal when stepping on the brakes, there is metal friction when braking, the brake fluid drop, can be seen canvass powder in the inner alloy wheels and thinning of the canvas. The appearance of these conditions means that the driver needs to replace the brake lining.

here is how to handle the car brakes themselves less grip.

• Preparation of new jacks, wheel locks, wrenches, and brake pads.

• Loosen the nut on the wheel to be removed.

• Use the jack on the front of the car.

• Open the brake lining behind the wheel.

• Use keys 12 or 14 to open the caliper pens. But there is a type of car that must be opened the brake fluid hose first. First, open the bolt from the pen caliper then pull the caliper pen up.

• From the side, remove the brake lining.

• Move the worn brake pads to the new brake lining.

• Adjust the thickness of the new brake lining by pushing the piston back.

• Install the new brake pad and return the parts that were disassembled.

If the car’s brakes are less comfortable, it needs to be checked on the master brake. The brake master is an important part of the braking system. The brake master has a different way of working on the type of disc brakes and drum. On the disc brake, the brake master is in charge of preventing brake fluid from entering the brake caliper.

On the drum brake, the brake master is in charge of pressing the brake shoe floating to leverage the brake shoe. The master brake can move because of the support of brake fluid from the brake booster. The location of the brake master is behind the wheel. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the piston will move the piston forward.

Damage to the master brake means a problem with the braking system. As a result, the braking system performance is reduced.

So many ways to handle car brakes that don’t grip. Hopefully, this information can solve the problem of brake brakes experienced by the driver’s car.

By Tara