The claim: As United Auto Staff strike against the leading U.S. automakers, previous President Donald Trump took credit for conserving the vehicle marketplace.

“When I came into office environment, the auto market was on its knees, gasping its last breaths following 8 long years of (Barack) Obama and (Joe) Biden,” Trump explained to nonunion autoworkers Sept. 27 at Drake Enterprises in Clinton Township, exterior Detroit. “It is no exaggeration to state the Trump presidency and the deftly used and utilized Trump tariffs and taxes saved the American auto sector from extinction time and time once more.”

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PolitiFact ruling: Fake. When Trump took office, “the auto marketplace was on its knees gasping its last breath.” Trump administration “tariffs and taxes saved the American car marketplace from extinction.”

Trump is erroneous on equally counts. Actions by the Bush and Obama administrations served revive the auto industry it was not close to loss of life when Trump took office.

The greater part of Trump’s trade promotions and tariffs hurt the automobile marketplace or experienced no significant influence all through his presidency. In particular, Trump’s 2018 tariffs on metal and aluminum drastically damage the U.S. vehicle industry.


By Tara